Learning contentment

Philippians 3:12b-13 says, “I have LEARNED the secret of being content in any and every situation,” and, ” I can do ALL things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me.” This is my road to walk right now. Will I ever learn it? I want to just pass this test and move on. It takes a lot of prayer and cooperation on my part with the Holy Spirit.(lots of work!) In my life, when I’ve found myself discontent with my circumstances, something has become TOO important. It’s reached idol status. My heart is more concerned with having that thing than having God’s thing! Whatever He wants for me at the time. Right now, He wants me to trust He really does know best, and to realize my life is all about HIs desires verses mine. Yes, He see’s all my tears, every one. He loves me so much. If it would be good for me to have that heart’s desire, He’d grant it. He’s got bigger things than that He’s working on right now. He’s transforming my heart. He’s teaching me to say, “Lord if I never ever get to have another child, if I never adopt. It will be okay. You are enough for me. I’ll be grateful for the 5 blessings I have on earth, ( and the 2 I have in heaven,) and I’ll serve you fully with these and with my husband, and whatever else you give me to do.” Though I say it through tears, I say it. I pray God keeps me here. I cry out to God in my brokenness and with my emptiness. Fill me up with yourself. May I live up to the name God has given me. “Joyful Spirit.” He is doing it! He’ll continue to do it in me! He is good. He is loving. He is mighty. He is able.

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