Christmas 2009

Kevin does something creative and special for me every yr. for Christmas from the kids. The first yr. it was a dvd with the kids pics to the song, “Don’t give up.” Last yr. he made a book titled, “The Smallones,” with the kids pics, and this yr, Kevin decorated a wall in my living room with a beautiful frame that had the kids pics, along with 4 scripture plaques surrounding. It was just beautiful! The picture does not do it justice. I also got a worship dvd,” Created to he His Helpmeet,” by Debi Pearl and the companion journal. BTW, this is an awesome book that is much needed in the church today. It will step all over your pretty little toes, but it is truth! And obedience brings blessing!  I tried to put more focus with the kids this yr. on Christmas being Jesus b-day vs. when we get presents. Before we opened 1 gift, we read the Christmas story of the birth of Christ. We also started another new tradition. We opened gifts from youngest to oldest. This required much patience for the older kids, but they did great. I think everyone enjoyed watching every body else get their gifts, instead of just thinking about what they got. I hope to do more next yr. to put more of Christ in Christmas. I think we really miss the boat on that! Christmas to me is that Jesus came to be with us in all of life’s circumstances, whether joyful or sorrowful. He came and lived a life like us, so He understands all we go through, and one of these days we’ll be out of here, and enjoying being in His presence forever and ever. No more sorrow  or pain. I look forward to that day!

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